Hustle & Heart Fitness; Why I’m here.

I believe that Hustle & Heart will truly set you apart; that the relentless pursuit of better united with a genuine desire to see a healthier, kinder and better world makes for an ebullient combination that will bring an individual to far surpass their goals pertaining to both their health and life in general. I believe our most substantial competition is the doubt which we harbor in our own capabilities. Be it a comparison to another person in which we feel we cannot contend with them, or the apprehension lurking when approaching an untrodden path, our incertitude will hold us back more than another person ever could. Alternatively, by recognizing our strengths and working to utilize them to the best of our ability, we can let go of the comparisons that poison our minds. This allows us not only us to grow, but also to encourage others through their own insecurities. I believe that when the human body performs at its most proficient levels when it is properly cared for; that mental health and positive outlook are just as important as physical and nutritional health. All of these aspects, when functioning as one unit, amplify an individual’s abilities in countless ways. I believe that superior health affords a person a more fulfilling and productive life, one that allows them to experience interactions with a renewed sense of satisfaction. Throughout the journey of achieving sound health, a one acquires a sense of will power, self-discipline, self-efficacy and accomplishment that will carry them through life’s most difficult times and trials. I also believe that all of these things are attainable with Hustle & Heart.

Shine on,

Becca M.



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