Tuesday Motivation

Happy Tuesday morning! I hope the weekend gave you time to reset and plan for the week and that Monday was good to you. My last 3 days were hectic…. Which is why I was preparing my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 6 am after my workout this morning.

Previous posts have showed what happens when planning is feasible and there is enough time to prepare everything just the way I want to.

Let’s be realistic for a minute.

I have 3 kids who all play sports, I work, I volunteer and I dedicate a lot of time to keeping myself healthy. That means that sometimes, there isn’t time. I have preached over and over that you have to be organized and stay on track… and 90% of the time, that is enough. But every now and then unexpected plans and commitments come up and all my best laid plans are blown to hypothetical smithereens.

Been there?

So what do you do when life is being rude and your priorites have to temporarily shift? The same thing as before. You organize. This runs a little bit of a parallel to goal setting in that sometimes you have to think both long and short term.

Yes, meal prep is great but have a backup plan and some recipes filed away for those days where stuff happens.
Miss the gym? Keep some home workouts saved for those days.

Having backup plans will go a long way in ensuring that you don’t suffer a lapse or relapse (see how all this fits together?) At the mercy of your schedule. Be ready to follow plan A, B or even C sometimes because it’s inevitable. Understanding this will take a lot of pressure of you.

Tomorrow we’ll get back on track with workout prgramming, mobility is up next and will help you understand why and how your body moves and will include some workouts that you’ll be able to do from home. In the meantime, make more plans!

Shine on,
Becca M.


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